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Three Squares a Day Doesn’t Make a Fat Burning Furnace

Three squares a day is an expression that refers to the comfort of getting three healthy meals a day. However, what if you found that they might not be the right way to go about feeding yourself. With all of the responsibilities folks have today, days are longer than ever. Shouldn’t the amount of times you eat represent that?

By eating smaller portions over the span of a day in an increased amount of meals, you can teach your body to digest properly, improving your health and well being and even creating a fat burning furnace inside of you. According to the Venus Factor System eating six times over the span of the 16 hours a day or more you are awake in a given day can balance blood sugar and metabolism leading to increased energy, better health, and even weight loss through the shedding of fat.

Choosing the right, all natural, types of foods and creating a short but rapid exercise program can lead to remarkable results in health, physique, weight loss, and overall body function.