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Fat Loss Factor Upgrades

Generally, the program from (also available in Spanish as el Factor Quema Grasa) is very extensive and in a way can be useful for everyone, especially when it is so flexible and can be adapted to a variety of body types, something that Fat Loss Factor actively encourages. Even then you’re not done. With the main package, you get a huge 300-page guide, two additional reports, which recap the best and worst foods for you, and a series of 25 tasty fat loss and muscle gaining recipes.

However, you can then upgrade the Fat Loss Factor package and receive a series of interviews with the author of the main guide that have taken place over the years. The best of these have been put together and placed into an audio pack as an extra incentive for you to upgrade from the initial package. Named as the “Fat Burn Files” these interviews offer a variety of more advanced tips and answers to many of the frequently asked questions regarding the Fat Loss Factor program.