Paleo Diet Menus

Obviously, during the Paleo Diet weight loss program, one of the most important aspects to the diet is the food. The Paleo Diet menu offers a variety of menu structures to choose from that contain a balance of Jenny Cuisine meals as well as your own groceries. With the menus designed by their Registered Dieticians to meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines, the menus emphasize fruits, vegetables and heart healthy fats.

The different menus range from planned menus, personalised menus to meatless selections and specially made menus for teens. In this way, Paleo Diet offers the flexibility that some people enjoy by allowing them to choose from 80 different foods as well as a well-planned, easy to follow structured weekly plan for you to follow if you prefer. At the same time, the menus teach you the skills necessary to cook the right healthy foods that can allow you to maintain the lifestyle without the need for Paleo Diet menus as you transition through the diet.